The Other Side Is Real

World,  world it’s really getting more crazy every day.

Sometimes I walk outside and look to the sky… the same sky all the people see when they look up. All people .. all with dreams, with plans, with fears, with talents,  with happiness and with sadness.


Sometimes you see a bird flying, or a little butterfly, beautiful and innocent.. far away from evil, greediness, selfishness, proud and ego.

As usual my thought are about Israel, the  beautiful shining diamond in the sea of darkness. The little democratic state surrounded with  hostile states… hostile people… Not all of them but to much. Why?

I think the answer is not in the politics, the answer is in the people.

It was very clear yesterday evening. We, the members of Pro Israel group “Time To stand Up For Israel” were in front of the door of a theater where an Event  with the…

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