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The Other Side Is Real

Did you ever asked yourself why people or organizations have to lie? Why they give false information or why they deliberately leave essential information out of the picture, resulting that the true context of the story can not be reproduced?bllog 4

Is it because the truth is not suitable for them?  Is the truth not horrible enough? Does the truth not yield enough money?

Or is it just the culture, is lying in some cultures more acceptable than in others?  Fact is that in the conflict in the Middle east one select group rises above themselves in producing lies;  the “Palestinians”.

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Here in Europe in general and in Holland especially the supporters of the
“Palestinians” and their supporters ‘the BDS movement’ and Hamas admirers learnt fast. The lies are horrible, the attempts to delegitimize Israel and the framing of all what is Jewish history is digusting and very shameful

The Kristallnacht…

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