An open letter to the humanity

The Other Side Is Real

Once upon a time you were green my precious world. The smell of flowers, like the most delicate parfume reached the sensors of the nose..Birds happily flew through the air, singing the most beautiful melodies, colouring the air with the most bright and shining colors .gNtVwFD

Animals of all species lived together side by side.. Some animals were prey for the hunters but everyone had an equal chance the hunter and the prey. Humanity did not polluted the earth, did not had the arrogant attitude of “here i am and I am the best”. No the humanity was humble, small groups of humans lived together in family tribes, living from the nature. naamloos

There was no computer, no television, not even electricitiy.. one woke up at het first light and went to sleep as soon as it became dark. Children were born and learned to take care of the family…Life was…

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