Red alert

The Other Side Is Real

Sitting on my bench after i finished work, i suddenly hear an awful noise.
It appaears to come from my handbag where i keep my cellphone…. Red alert…Rockets from Gaza flying straight into Israel, this time into Ashkelon area.


Difficult to explain what it does to me, far away from Israel. It makes me feel sad, it makes me feel angry, even desperate and is makes me determined to continue our fight for correct news coverage concerning Israel and it makes me more then ever determined to stand with Israel whatever it takes..

When you are blessed with empathy skills, it is not hard to imagine how people feel there in Ashkelon. People like you and me, people that are celebrating life, that only want to be happy are interrupted in life all the time. Always on gard for terror from Hamas, terror from hezbollah or just arabic “israeli” that…

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