5 Muslim terror-fans from Jerusalem indicted for incitement against Israel

Behind The News

Indictments against five Muslim terror-sympathizers, residents of east Jerusalem were submitted Monday for offences including incitement, calling for terror attacks to be carried out against Israel and for a string of posts uploaded onto Facebook supporting the deadly terror attack earlier this month on Temple Mount which claimed to lives of two policemen.

Mohammed Mahiymar, 19, from ‘Anata was one of the Muslim terror-fans indicted for posting on a number of occasions in 2014 on his Facebook page calls for violent and terror activities against Israeli civilians and security forces, and also for praising and supporting the Hamas terror group and its military arm Izz ad-Din al-Qassam brigades and the Democratic Front.

After the Temple Mount attack took place, Mahiymar wrote on his social media page: “They thought that the heroes had aged but they are still alive, and they took them down between tunnels, entrances and gates. Friday of the martyrs.”

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