I have a dream

The Other Side Is Real

“I have a dream” with this words Martin Luther King became famous…. I have dream…

I also have a dream…a huge one for Israel and believe me sometimes dreams come true…1923659_1089385354414293_8779046912840278765_n

In my dream i am in de beachbar in Tel Aviv again, the beachbar where Arabs, Jews, Christians, young people, old people, black Africans, Indians and white Europeen people work together in peace and harmony. The beachbar where people of all origin come just to enjoy. In that place there is no politics, no religion. You see no difference between rich and poor as we are all dressed in our bathing suits. Terror and extremism far away from us.

In that same dream i see the workers going home, some of them to Jewish neighbourhoods, some of them to Arabs… When they separate, they make plans for the weekend together. They visit eachother, make fun together and just enjoy…

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