Satan’s BIGGEST Mistake: The Devil Has Ignorantly Turned Believers Into REBELS

Biblical Signs In The Headlines


The definition of a “rebel” is someone who renounces or resists the authority of a ruler, government or laws, to which one would otherwise owe obedience. Throughout the Holy Bible, being a rebel most always meant that you were playing for Satan’s side. Any rebellion recorded in God’s Word was, more often than not, against The LORD. I’m here to tell you today, that God appears to have flipped the script, and the world’s “rebels” are now fighting FOR God and against the Devil.

I titled this “Satan’s Biggest Mistake” because by pulling the world so far away from God and by normalizing abominable sin, evil, and wickedness, Lucifer now finds himself on the defense. Yes, since God-fearing believers are now the minority in a world so obviously under the rule of Satan, he has ignorantly turned us into the REBELLIOUS.

The Holy Bible teaches us that YHWH God The…

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