Wie zijn deze Melo Hagoyim ofwel volle menigte van volkeren?


Wie zijn deze Melo Hagoyim ofwel volle menigte van volkeren?

In Romeinen 11:25 komt dezelfde aanduiding voor als in Genesis 48:19

25 For I would not, Yisraelite brothers, that you should be ignorant of this mysterious secret, lest you should be wise in your own pride and conceit; that partial blindness has happened to Yisrael 1, until the fullness of the nations–the melo hagoyim–comes in 2 3.

1If we let Scripture interpret Scripture, then Isaiah 8:14 speaks of both houses as being blind. Judah is blind as to who is their Moshiach. Efrayim is blind as to who they are as the other house of Yisrael, and to the relevancy of Torah in their lives, seeing it through a dark glass as a strange Jewish thing, rather than as their own marriage certificate and heritage. Traditionally these verses have been taught to mean that some Jews see and believe, and…

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