Muslim terrorists arrested for plotting to assassinate IDF officer

Behind The News

7 Muslim Arab terrorists from the Arab village of Jaljulia were arrested for illegal weapons dealing, leading to the discovery of a plot to assassinate an Israeli officer as revenge for the killing of senior Hamas convicted terrorist Mazen Faqha.

Security forces had originally detained Mahmoud Muhammad Abd al-Karim Daoud for weapons trafficking, but during questioning, investigators learned Daoud had knowledge of a terror attack being planned by two brothers.

Adam Ismail Muhammad Faqi and Fares Ismail Muhammad Faqi were both detained shortly thereafter. Adam had a police record for criminal activity, while Fares had been on the radar of security forces for nonmaterial support for ISIS.

During the ensuing investigation, security forces pieced together a timeline in which Adam Faqi had been recruited by another brother, Muhammad, into Hamas terror group in 2014 while attending a family wedding in the Gaza Strip.

Adam underwent small arms training with a…

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