As The Days Of Noah Were: Worldwide Terrorism Reaches ALL-TIME HIGH

Biblical Signs In The Headlines


Lord Jesus said that “As the days of Noah were”, so shall the days on earth be in the Season of His Second Coming. In Noah’s days, “the earth was FILLED with violence”. The Hebrew word used for violence in this verse of Genesis is “HAMAS”, which means TERROR and the shedding of innocent blood. It is very interesting that the word which God used to describe terrorism in the first Book of our Holy Bible is actually the name of Palestine’s largest Terror Group. So, Jesus was prophesying that the world would be filled with terrorism in the Season of His Return. New figures from the Global Peace Index reveal that WORLDWIDE terrorism has reached an ALL-TIME high, fulfilling His Prophecy. With all of the other Last Days’ signs occurring around us, this recent revelation just gives more credence that WE are the generation to be RAPTURED.

According to…

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