Terrorists hunger strike ends after 40 days without meeting Barghouti’s demands

Behind The News

New details concerning the conclusion of the convicted terrorists’ hunger strike and its causes are coming to light in the hours since the terrorists and the Israel Prison Service (IPS) made their announcements.

As the strike reached its peak, with dozens of terrorists requiring medical attention, Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas intervened directly in order to bring the matter to a close out of fear of significant provocations, violent riots and terror attacks.

The beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan was a significant motivator, given that terrorists would no longer be able to drink, which they had been doing prior to the holiday.

Since the beginning of the strike, Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan decided that dialogue with the terrorists would only be conducted through the IPS, which is subordinate to his ministry. This policy differs from previous incidents when terrorists also negotiated with the Shin Bet and Egyptian intelligence…

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