Nasrallah blasts Trump, Saudi Arabia for supporting Israel in fiery speech from his bunker

Behind The News

Hezbollah terror group leader Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech Thursday referring to President Trump’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Nasrallah strongly criticized the recent American-Saudi arms deal signed in Riyadh, saying, “Saudi Arabia has given Trump what he has been wanting—money to be used for Israel.”

Nasrallah made his comments at a rally marking the 17th anniversary of the IDF’s withdrawal from southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah was the topic of harsh words at the Riyadh summit, with the Saudis and the Americans calling for the terror group to be disarmed. Nasrallah stressed that the statements made at the summit would not affect the internal situation within Lebanon.

“Saudi Arabia has surpassed Trump, who has insulted the Islamic and Arab nation. Saudi Arabia has surpassed the racist Trump as the biggest supporter of Israel. Saudi Arabia has given Trump something that no other US president has been given. What is behind…

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