Netanyahu vows: Temple Mount, Western Wall will forever remain part of Israel

Behind The News

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Wednesday that the Temple Mount and the Western Wall “will forever remain under Israeli sovereignty” during a special Knesset session celebrating Jerusalem Day and marking 50 years to the capital’s unification.

Describing Jerusalem before the 1967 Six-Day War, Netanyahu spoke of “a winding border line opening a deep chasm in Jerusalem and at its heart were barricades against snipers, barbed-wire fences and minefields. We stood on the other side, trying to look to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, and we could not access them.”

“We will never return to that situation,” he declared.

“Some see the Six-Day War as a disaster for Israel,” Netanyahu went on to say. “I see it as Israel’s salvation. How could we keep existing with a narrow waist (of the country) and daily danger to our citizens?”


The prime minister spoke of US President Donald Trump’s visit…

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