Trump-ing Truth: Blind Loyalty To The President Is Troubling And Dangerous

Biblical Signs In The Headlines


“Fake News”, “Liberal lies”, “Another hit-piece from the Left”… Believe it or not, these are what a majority of the responses to my articles look like these days. Although I’m much further to the Right than any of the “conservatives” lashing out at me, I’m actually being dubbed a “Leftie” or a “liberal” because I refuse to praise their President who can “do no wrong”. Their criticism makes absolutely no sense at all, being that my biggest complaint is Trump moving too far to the Left and betraying Faith-based voters. Something very troubling and dangerous is happening in America today.

The term “Conservative” in Politics has been redefined in the Trump era, and TRUE Conservatives like myself are finding ourselves without a Party and without a solid movement. The line between conservatives, nationalists, libertarians, and die-hard Republicans has been blurred. Every one that supports Donald Trump today has adopted the…

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