IF I WAS PRESIDENT: What I Believe A God-Fearing America Should Look Like

Biblical Signs In The Headlines


Over the past year I have written a whole lot about politics in this nation. Some good, but mostly bad. I’ve been so disappointed with the lack of strong Biblical leadership by politicians in this country. Besides Ted Cruz and less than a handful of others, most of the politicians today love to quote the Holy Bible while campaigning yet seem to forget it altogether when assuming office. It’s just a shame and disgrace. Everyone who reads my articles knows that I’ve been an equal opportunity politician critic, because the Republicans are looking more and more like the Democrats every day. Not only do we need a revival in the Church and in America, but we so desperately need a Holy Spirit revival in Washington.

The Dems have always been Biblically-hostile, but now the “Religious Right” Republicans have seemingly become Biblically-illiterate. Now, because of my strong stance against BOTH Parties…

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