Nadeem Mazen, Aligned With Brotherhood Mafia, Heads U.S. JETPAC Inc: Islam’s Political Muscle Metastasizing Inside America! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

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WHILE most recognize what constitutes frontal jihadi terror (at least until the blood and body parts are literally swept from view….alas, in short order, a type of mental amnesia emerges), many still can’t pinpoint the entryways which allow for the more insidious poison, stealth aka civilizational jihad, to penetrate. And whereas this site belabors the basis of the aforementioned – over and over again – the fact remains that it will never be “overkill”, that is, until westerners purge the need to do so from their shores. Then, and only then, will the Islamic plague disappear from these pages. Faster….faster….

THAT being established, in the same manner in which the most brazen, daring, professional and committed thieves manage to surreptitiously enter and rob unsuspecting victims blind, similarly, Islamists probe America’s weak-points to undermine national security. Egregiously, they manage to do so under “legal” cover, and with the concomitant support of…

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