Arab terrorist attempted to stab senior officer near Hevron

Behind The News

An Arab terrorist approached an IDF force in the Western Hevron hills on Friday and attempted to stab the IDF Hevron brigade commander, Col. Itzik Cohen. The soldiers managed to gain control of the terrorist and arrested him.

Initial investigations show that the soldier who was securing the area spotted the terrorist approaching the senior commander’s vehicle.

When the soldier stopped the terrorist for questioning, he found that the terrorist was holding a knife behind his back.

Additional soldiers who were in the area gained control over the terrorist. No one was hurt.

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Rosh Hashana a new begin?

The Other Side Is Real


5776 ended tragically with the death of the last founding father of Israel Shimon Peres.

When the most of the world leaders are mourning his passing.. the Arab world stays silent or even worse is  celebrating the death of the man that won a nobelprize of Peace for his efforts to establish peace in the Middle east. At the end of 5776 became once again clear who stays indifferent, who wanted peace and who will never learn and keep embracing hate and violence.

While the world is busy making preparations for the funeral of Shimon, the savages in Iran, Gaza, Syria etc and their disciples in for example the Netherlands (Pro Palestinian organizations like BDS, DocP, SRP etc) are cursing the man that did the most for the sake of peace.

Shame on them. Shame on the Politicians that are mourning the death of this amazing man,but at the same…

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PVV en VNL werken mee aan anti-joods klimaat


Toen Frits Bolkestein in 2010 de volgende woorden sprak: Met bewuste joden doel ik op joden die als zodanig herkenbaar zijn, zoals orthodoxe joden. Voor hen zie ik geen toekomst hier vanwege het antisemitisme onder vooral Marokkaanse Nederlanders, die in aantal blijven toenemen,’ kon hij niet bevroeden dat het niet alleen de Marokkanen met hun giftige antisemitisme zijn die het bewuste Joden onmogelijk maken in Nederland te blijven.

Ook de zogenaamd goede vrienden van de Joden zoals de PVV en VNL maken het bewuste Joden bijzonder ingewikkeld om Nederland als hun veilige thuis te blijven zien. De PVV natuurlijk met hun anti-Joodse maatregel om de sjechieta (joodse, rituele slacht) te verbieden. Hierdoor worden Joden gedwongen om vegetariër te worden, of te verhuizen, terwijl PVV’ers zich ongans kunnen blijven eten aan verdoofd geslachte varkens. Maar confronteer de PVV niet met dit soort feitelijkheden, want zwijgen is dan je deel.

Helaas heeft…

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Defensie bevordert ruggengraatloze officieren

E.J. Bron


(Door: Ismail Selvi)

Generaals houden zich bezig met het onderuithalen van klokkenluiders

Waar klokkenluiders ontslagen worden, maken officieren die misstanden in de doofpot stoppen buitenproportioneel snel carrière in de krijgsmacht. Hooggeplaatste militairen en defensieambtenaren overtreden legio gedragsregels en wetgeving, maar slecht leiderschap en frauduleus handelen lijkt te worden beloond in het Nederlands leger.

Klokkenluiders als prioriteit

Onlangs schetste promovenda Dieuwertje Kuijpers in dit artikel dat klokkenluiders als prioriteit worden beschouwd door de minister van Defensie, de CDS (Commandant der Strijdkrachten) en de SG (secretaris-generaal). Niet om ze te ondersteunen, maar om ze te ondermijnen, te intimideren en te bedreigen. Medische dossiers worden vervalst en op georkestreerde wijze worden klokkenluiders buiten hun eenheid geplaatst

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(h/t “BertG.”)

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Foreign dignitaries amass for Peres funeral

Behind The News

Heads of state and dignitaries from all over the world will be attending the funeral of Israel’s ninth president Shimon Peres on Friday. They are coming from places as diverse as Togo and Mexico, Austria and China.

Leading the US delegation will be US President Barack Obama, and will see Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden, amongst others. Former President Bill Clinton arrived earlier Thursday morning, and has already visited Peres as he lies in state at the Knesset. The governors of New York and New Jersey confirmed their attendance before the tragedy in Hoboken, and it remains to be seen if they will still be attending. There will also be 19 Senators and Members of the US House of Representatives attending the funeral.


The UK will be sending an especially large delegation to the funeral, which will include: the Prince of Wales, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson…

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Crucial piece of safety technology was missing from deadly Hoboken crash

Behind The News

A crucial piece of safety technology that helps prevent trains from travelling too fast was not installed on the service that crashed in Hoboken on Thursday morning.

Passengers aboard the No. 1614 Pascack Valley line train say it never slowed down before slamming through barriers and into a wall at the New Jersey station.

A witness at the scene said the engineer was found slumped over at the wheel of the train.

Now it has emerged that the train lacked a system called Positive Train Control (PTC), which combines satellite and computer data to monitor train movements and prevent them from going too fast or hitting other locomotives on the track.


A mandatory report by Federal Railroad Administration revealed that the life-saving technology is not installed on any NJ Transit locomotives.

The PTC can override an engineer’s actions – or lack thereof if, for any reason, they are unable to take control…

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WORST Election Ever: Why I’m #NeverEVERYBODY This November

Biblical Signs In The Headlines


Anyone who has read any of my political articles knows how disenfranchised I have been with this Election. In many of those articles, I have said that I planned to vote my values this November and write-in Ted Cruz. His platform was the most Biblically-inspired that I’ve ever seen. Last week, after months of political pressure, Cruz endorsed Donald Trump. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t greatly disappointed. It seems virtually impossible in today’s day and age to find a politician who puts Biblical conscience and values over politics. I really thought Ted was that guy, but sadly his decision strikes me as politically motivated and not conscience driven. So now what? What is a Biblical-minded Conservative to do? How are we to vote? I personally couldn’t wait for 2016 to vote AGAINST Hillary Clinton. I loathe her and what she stands for about as much as I…

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Shomron nieuws nummer 56

Shalom alle lezers! 

Op de valreep van shabat en het nieuwe Bijbelse jaar 5777 (start is op zondagavond a.s) wensen wij u allen een goede shabat, weekend, zondag en uiteraard een zoet en goed jaar, shanah tobha!

Vandaag zijn vele grote en kleinere leiders van de wereld in Israel vanwege de begrafenis van Shimon Peres.

Prinses Beatrix, andere royalty en vele Nederlandse politici zullen om elf uur op de berg Herzl aanwezig zijn, vlak naast Yad VaShem ( Holocaust memorial). 

Op pagina vier is de toelichting op de wekelijkse parasha/Bijbeluitleg. 

Mocht u mensen kennen die geïnteresseerd zijn in een kortere maar boeiende trip naar Israel…stuurt u deze ‘Vanuit Shomron’ dan door. 

Hartelijke groeten van Fam. Strijker

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